The Municipality of Faraday provides depot service for the collection of all recycling. Our waste management operations are governed by Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of Environment.

Faraday Waste Disposal Sites and Hours of Operation 327 Monck Road

Friday 10:00a.m.– 5:00p.m.
Saturday 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Sunday 10:00a.m. ‐ 5:00p.m.
Monday 10:00a.m. ‐ 5:00p.m.

Note: The landfill is for use by residents of Faraday Township only. Entry may be refused if resident cannot provide landfill card to the Attendant.

For further information call 613‐332-3638 ext 17.

Clear Bag Policy for Garbage

There is Mandatory clear bag policy at this time. However the Landfill Attendants should be able to determine that there are no recyclable or hazardous waste materials going into the Waste Disposal Site. If any recyclable materials or prohibited waste are found within the bags, the bags will be refused or the Attendant will ask you to remove and properly sort the waste.
Illegal Dumping of Waste

Illegal dumping of waste is an environmental crime that is ongoing and a highly visible problem.. It is the unlawful deposit of waste larger than litter onto land or into water. It includes waste materials that have been dumped, tipped or otherwise deposited onto land where no licence or approval exists to accept such waste. Illegal dumping varies from small bags of rubbish in an urban environment to larger scale dumping of waste materials in isolated areas, such as bushland.

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