2022-2026 council

Meet Your Council

The Municipality of Faraday has five-members of council.

The 2022-2026 Elected Officials for Faraday are:

Dennis Purcell, Mayor

Phone: 613-332-4197

Email: dpurcell@faraday.ca

Marg Nicholson, Deputy Mayor

Phone: 613-332-5367

Email: mnicholson@faraday.ca

Bill Green, Councillor

Phone: 613-332-4796

Email: bgreen@faraday.ca

Murray Bowers, Councillor

Phone: 613-334-9571

Email: mbowers@faraday.ca

John O’Donnell, Councillor

Phone: 613-334-9901

Email: jodonnell@faraday.ca