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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Engineering Services

Sealed Proposals will be received in person by the Township of Faraday, until 1:00 p.m., Local Time, Thursday, February 22nd, 2024.


The Corporation of the Township of Faraday (the “Township”) is seeking proposals for Consulting Engineering Services. The successful proponent will be named as the Engineer of Record for the Municipality.  There may be additional work from time to time required with respect to projects relating to the Township. The Consulting Engineer or Engineering Services are required to assist the Township in determining the priorities, options and best strategy for the Township for matters dealing with Waste Disposal Site Management, Design and Engineering including, but not limited to, site monitoring, compliance and reporting based on legislative requirements; waste diversion program and environmental permitting and approvals, site compliance assessments, optimization; well testing; site attendant training and certification; record-keeping and documentation protocols and guides; public, stakeholder, and agency liaison consultation programs.


Interested firms are invited to present to the Township an outline of the available services, fee structure and proposal for the above.


Additional services to be considered based on hourly rates:


Project Management including contract administration and management, including, but not limited to design, engineering, and specification review; project feasibility study, economic modelling, risk assessment; permits and approvals; tender document preparation; construction tendering process management and facilitation; tender review and award recommendation; contract payment certification, validation, performance reviews; construction progress monitoring, reporting and management; construction general review.


Building and Facility Planning including but not limited to, building, site facility auditing, records review and cataloguing; existing condition review and assessment, level of service assignment; consultation for desired/proposed level of service assets; capital/operating term and lifecycle cost estimating, valuation; asset strategic planning, financial impact analysis and recommendation;  implementation plan development, execution; funding application preparation, supporting study preparation, project liaison.


Building design and engineering including, but not limited to, site review, investigation, and evaluation; geotechnical investigations, engineering surveying; pre-engineered metal building design; civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and energy engineering; construction cost estimating and value optimization; project funding applications, consultation, liaison.


Infrastructure Planning – Asset Management Planning in accordance with new legislative requirements including, but not limited to, financial reporting and auditing; road and water crossing needs assessment; building condition review and assessment; equipment, vehicles, systems review; capital cost estimating, valuation, forecasting, modelling; on-going asset management, monitoring, reporting, valuation; undertaking building condition reviews, roads needs assessments, bridge and large culvert inspections,


Drainage and water resources including, but not limited to technical peer review for site development; drainage, stormwater, sedimentation and erosion; functional servicing options and capacity review; hydrological/hydrogeological assessments, environmental impact studies; aggregate resources development; site access, transportation and traffic.


Site Plan Control Review – Technical Peer Review, including, but not limited to, technical peer review for site development; drainage, stormwater, geotechnical/stability; functional servicing options and capacity review; hydrogeological assessments, environmental impact studies; aggregate resources, mineral development; site access, transportation, traffic.


The proposal should include at least the following:

1)         a description of the firm, its staff, its history and its clients

2)        an outline of the type of services provided by the firm;

3)         an outline of past experience and projects completed for Municipalities;

4)         the proposed fee structure to be presented in writing, including an hourly rate for various positions within the firm and rates for expenses such as mileage.


The term of the appointment will be for a period of four (4) years, commencing April 1, 2024. At the end of the term the Township may, in its sole discretion, renew the appointment for an additional four (4) years.  Any increases and rates must be approved by the Township annually and shall not exceed the increase in the Consumer Price Index for Canada (all items) over the prior year.


Bidders are encouraged to register and obtain proposal documents via  Alternate arrangements for tender documents can be made through the Township Clerk.


The lowest or any proposal not necessarily accepted.

Township of Faraday – Attn:  Bernice Crocker

29860 Highway 28, BANCROFT, ON  K0L 1C0