Wednesday October 23, 2019

Municipal Dog Pound

Healthy Pets

Summer brings with it unquie changes and some of these can mean danger for your pets. Take precautions to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe during the hot summer months.

Never leave a pet alone in a vehicle, even in the shade. Dogs have no sweat glands, so a hot car is like an oven to your pet. Keep your pet in a shady, well-ventilated area with fresh water. Better yet, let your pet enjoy the cool comfort of your air conditioned home, or your cool basement.

Fireworks can be terrifying for many pets. When firework displays are planned, leave pets at home and play music or the television to help disguise the noise. Do not activate fireworks where there are dogs on ties where they cannot free themselves. Close windows and blinds as necessary.

Insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers are common causes of pet poisoning. Avoid walking your pet on lawns that have been sprayed with chemicals. Wait at least 48 hours before allowing an animal to lawn that has been sprayed. As a precaution, rinse their paws with water after your walk.

Pets always need protection against disease and parasites like fleas and ticks. Your pet's vaccines should be current, especially the rabies vaccine. Speak with your veterinarian about flea and tick medications to prevent parasites while you and your pet enjoy the great outdoors.

Precaution should be exercised when boating with animals on board. Animals can become projectives and can be thrown from a boat in unstable waters or accidents.

Dogs can easily be thrown from the back of a pick-up truck into traffic and flying debris can injure eyes and ears. If your pet can't ride in the cab of the truck, leave your pet at home; it’s safer for everyone!

Pets should NOT be allowed to chase or injure wildlife. Protect your pets from wildlife by keeping them on leash, or indoors. Quills from a porcupine are very painful, and skunk spray can sting the eyes. There is also a chance that your pets could encounter a rabid animal. If they have not been vaccinated, they could contract the disease.

If you allow your pets to run free at the cottage, they may get lost, hit by a car or get into fights. Pets should be confined to cottage property and equipped with identification. If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company to inform them of your cottage information. Remember to have the phone number of the local animal shelters and veterinarians on hand.